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Grupu Empresarial Lugiery Santos Grupu Empresarial Lugiery Santos Tu exito es importante para nosotros

About Us

‎Grupo Empresarial Lugiery Santos or GELUSA is a profit, educational, service & product company. As soon as you join you will have the opportunity to make money off every single product and service we provide. Also, we make sure you be successful we establish an Academy where you can learn and develop new skills.

Now with our own online store, you can easily make money by promoting and selling our clients products and gain 10% to 20% percent to start with of GELSUA profit. In reality, you will be our number one partner in this Journey. So don't take long and join us see, and see what the future with us has in store for you.

If you hear others talking about Education, Service & Products, they are talking about GELUSA (Grupo Empresarial Lugiery Santos).

Because we Think and Believe in you!

Luis Lugiery - Owner

Why you choose us

Because You are important for us.
  • Over 15 years in Market research.

    We have been researching the market for over 15 years and has seen many changes in which the most important opportunities were missing. With this experience, Our owner has been inspired to build a company where people can achieve the dream of becoming a real someone important in society.

  • Professionals Management our Company
  • Anyone can grow
  • There is more!

Our Team

We are ready to serve you.

Luis Lugiery


Nery CAmpusano

Co Owner

Gregory Martinez




The best company ever

We are more than just a product and service company.

Our own Academy

As part of Gelusa you can study and learn new skills to improve your career.

We do business with all

We provide Our services and product are to individuals, friends, family, and business.

Our Own Shopping Store

Our own shopping store allows you to buy an make money selling products or service.